Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center, is a central resource for healthy living and wellness in Ridgefield, CT dedicated to integrating conventional medicine, cutting edge alternative modalities and ancient healing wisdom to achieve optimum wellness for the body, mind and spirit. Skilled practitioners and teachers offer holistic services and educational programs to empower and enhance both the individual and community by teaching all age groups essential life skills for the 21st century.

The healing arts and education center is currently home to six different healing practitioners, each offering a unique approach to promoting health and wellness.

Together, these practitioners and teachers provide a variety of health and wellness services for mind, body and spirit. They strive to compassionately serve the community with high standards of integrity, sharing the spirit of light and love with all who enter. Conveniently located in downtown Ridgefield, this vibrant center welcomes all into a serene, energetically positive healing atmosphere.

The peacock feather was chosen as the symbol of TPHA because it symbolizes birth, rebirth, resurrection, wise vision, watchfulness and wisdom. The peacock is the reflection of the Phoenix – sacrificed in the fires of life and then risen out of its own ashes. In Christianity it symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus. In Egypt is is associated with the all seeing eye of Horus.

JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT is the founder of Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center which incorporates Turning Point Reiki, LLC, and Turning Point S.H.A.R.E. Divorce Group.

The Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center is located in a beautiful, warm and comfortable space in downtown Ridgefield, CT, at 100B Danbury Road, Suite 101.



Services Offered at the Center:

  • Andean Energy Medicine
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Cell Memory Technique
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Drum and Healing Circles
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • EMDR
  • Essential Oils
  • Gong Baths
  • Inner Balance®
  • Integrated Energy Therapy®
  • Karuna Reiki®
  • Life Coaching
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®
  • Reiki Shares
  • Reiki with Crystals
  • Rising Star
  • Shamanic Healing and Training
  • Shamanic Reiki
  • Turning Point S.H.A.R.E. Divorce Group
  • Usui Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Zero Balancing


Our Practitioners:

JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT

JoAnn DuncanJoAnn uses intuition, experience and a deep spiritual connection in her Reiki, IET® and Reconnective Healing ® sessions. She specializes in care for individuals with cancer, back pain, Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses. She finds it very rewarding to help clients heal core issues by applying advanced techniques that help heal the cellular memory. JoAnn teaches all levels of Reiki as well as other specialized classes. For more information about JoAnn, Turning Point Reiki, LLC., or Turning Point S.H.A.R.E., please click here or visit www.turningpointshare.com, or visit and "like" the Turning Point Reiki, LLC, Turning Point Healing Arts, LLC, or Turning Point S.H.A.R.E. Divorce Group Facebook pages. To contact JoAnn, please email her at jduncan@turningpointreiki.com or call 203-438-3050.


Kate Dayton, MS, LPCMarybeth Johnston

A dedicated Licensed Professional Counselor for over 16 years, Kate specializes in working with children, young adults and their families.  Kate’s extensive experience with anxiety and social skill deficit therapies allow her to meet each client where they are at.   Kate’s therapeutic modality incorporates play therapy, art therapy and cognitive-behavioral techniques to address the obstacles to a child’s personal relationship success.  Individual  skill development is nurtured with a focus on personal strengths.  Navigating the social world with it’s unwritten rules can be challenging, developing coping techniques serve a child well as they gain perspective on their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors as well as those of their peers.

To contact Kate please call: 203-449-9598 or e-mail her at katedaytonlpc@gmail.com.


Jann Draper Elliott, MA, OTR/L, LMTMarybeth Johnston

Jann has worked for 28 years as an occupational therapist, and for 16 years as a licensed massage therapist. Jann offers a wide range of healing modalities including: Zero Balancing, Acupressure, Lymph drainage, Reiki and Massage Therapy. These techniques help clients minimize pain, increase relaxation, and experience an expanded sense of calm and well-being. In addition, she is a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, working with people who want to increase their health and vitality through nutrition and lifestyle changes. You may contact Jan, via cell at 203-482-1329 or Email: JannElliott815@gmail.com.

Jann will be seeing clients at The Center during the following days/times:
First Wednesday and first Friday of the month 2:00-6:00pm
2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday of the month 10:00am-6:00pm.



Deana Paqua, MA, LMTJoAnn Duncan

Deana is a teacher of cross-cultural energy medicine and contemporary shamanism. Deana is also an Adjunct Professor at WCSU in Danbury, CT in Mind/Body and Cross-Cultural Healing. She supports holistic minded, spiritual seekers and the energy sensitive in transforming trauma into triumph, experiencing self-healing and self-empowerment through cross-cultural energy medicine, reiki and contemporary shamanism. Deana provides classes, training, healing sessions, intuitve readings and space clearings. To contact Deana, please email her at deana.paqua@gmail.com or call 203-994-5045. You may also visit her website at www.embodythesacred.net.


Samantha Parker, CAHCJoAnn Duncan

Samantha Parker is  Board Certified by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Her studies in Ayurveda encompass whole body with a focus in gut health. She brings her multifaceted healing experience into her practice empowering clients to make healthier lifestyle choices and expand their knowledge and understanding of the powerful medicinal effects of food, spices and herbs as defined by Ayurveda. She uses the Ayurvedic technique of pulse along with other intakes to work with her clients to determine present states of imbalance. She uses food first as the medicinal path to heal and regain balance, working with each client providing ongoing support, guidance and accountability towards fully resetting habits in the body and mind.

You can learn more about Samantha and Ayurveda through her website www.anjali.life. She will be offering first time clients a free 15 minute phone consultation before scheduling the first appointment. You can schedule that on her website in the contact section, email her at samantha@anjali.life or contact her by phone at (203)246-2578.


Jen Ripa, RM

JoAnn DuncanJen Ripa is a transformational life coach, energy and sound healer, author, yoga teacher, artist, and essential oil educator. She holds health and life coaching certifications from Health Coach Institute, 200 Hour Yoga certifications in Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga, is a Reiki Master and Rising Star Energy Practioner, and has been an artist since she was in high school. Jen is masterful at identifying belief systems and patterns of behavior that stand in the way of evolvement and future goals and co-creating action plans with her clients. These action plans bring her clients to greater success, health, vitality, and happiness. She has a unique talent in helping people connect with their deep desire to thrive and to draw strength and purpose from that inner fire. Because the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, she employs energy healing, sound therapy, essential oils, yoga and meditation practices, art and writing, and coaching methods in sessions with her clients.

Jen's nurturing and supportive approach along with her commitment to being a catalyst for movement and expansion allows for breakthroughs and lasting life change. Jen offers session in Inner Fire Alchemy Sessions Get clear guidance and energetic support from Jen in a life transformation session. Benefit from masterful coaching techniques or take in energy healing in the form of healing gong, Reiki, Rising Star or essential oils. Jen will select one or many modalities to support you in the most optimal way for each session. Walk in with questions and concerns and leave with insight, healing, and calm. Contact Jen at: thrivologie@gmail.com, 203-216-9416, thrivologie.com.


Stacy Raymond, PsyD

JoAnn DuncanDr. Raymond has been practicing as a licensed Clinical Psychologist in CT for over 15 years. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College she received her Doctorate from the University of Hartford. She has been an adjunct professor of Psychology, worked with inmates in federal prison, and is a Reiki Master. Dr. Raymond offers traditional and alternative approaches to treating depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, PTSD, and relationship issues. She specializes in recovery from any and all types of trauma, ranging from injury or embarrassment while playing a sport, to life-threatening incidents and sexual abuse. Through the use of an energy psychology technique called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), she helps clients quickly and gently release negative thoughts and feelings associated with painful memories. She also works with first responders (police, fire fighters, EMT's & dispatchers) helping them overcome their work-related traumatic experiences, so as to prevent the development of issues such as PTSD, substance abuse, and interpersonal difficulties. Dr. Raymond also focuses on identifying and resolving the toxic beliefs and emotions that often underlie physical illness. She accompanies her clients on a therapeutic journey inward, identifying obstacles to emotional and physical health, releasing destructive beliefs and emotions, and ultimately restoring the forward motion of growth. For more information about Dr. Raymond and the services she offers, visit her website, www.DrStacyRaymond.com, or contact her at Drstacyraymond@gmail.com or (203) 493-0344.


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