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“Whenever I walk in here it feels like home. It is so peaceful and relaxing, all of my worries seem to melt away.” JD, Student

“JoAnn Duncan’s new Center is the place to go if you are looking for fun, interesting and wonderfully healing workshops or if you need a break from the routine and want to connect with loving people. JoAnn has created a beautiful, energetically healing environment that is warm & inviting. I’ve attended numerous workshops including Deana Paqua's Shamanic drummings & solstice celebrations,  Stacy Raymond's EMDR workshop as well as others and they have all exceeded my expectations.” MEB, Teacher

“A place of peace and tranquility. The facility offers an environment for healing and change. My go to place for inspiration.” MD, Music Teacher

“While looking at your most recent newsletter, it struck me, you have done something really AMAZING here. You should be SO PROUD of what you have created with your center. You had a vision, a dream. You have the knowledge, you continued growing personally. You connected with the right circle of support and BAM, WOW, Ta Dah! So VERY impressive. I hope you stop periodically and give yourself some credit. Look back at where you were and allow yourself to marvel in where you are now! So thankful to have watched you in this development over the past 25 years. I have learned from you along the way which has been a bonus for me.” MH, Teacher

“You are doing so well in growing The Center. Look at the big picture and give yourself some credit for what you have created. The place is beautiful and has great energy. You put it all together and got it off the ground in a very short amount of time, which is amazing! You have the ability to hold your own and thrive.” DP, Energy Healing Work

“I want to congratulate you on opening Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center and am thankful to be able to partake in the offerings there!!! I feel that the space is beautiful and full of good energy every time that I walk in for the Reiki Shares each month. Also, I had a great experience with the classes and workshops that The Center offers. I really enjoyed them as always and have learned much too. I wish you Good Luck with everything and keep it up with the amazing Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center!! God Bless You, Love always.” JH, Sales and Service

“I have learned so much by coming to the group shares. By listening to JoAnn and others share, it has built my confidence and abilities to help heal myself and offer what I experience with others. I took all of my Reiki level classes with JoAnn. I have learned about the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirits, who are all available to be called upon when needed. This has been a wonderful journey which continues everyday. I know everything happens for a reason. And I feel lucky that my life includes JoAnn and my new friends I have met through the Reiki shares. I am complete with Reiki.” HL, Reiki Master

“I really enjoy attending classes at the centre. It is so comfortable and relaxed, it feels like an extension of one's home. There is a wonderful energy which attracts like-minded people who come to learn and share different experiences together. I love, simply love it!” TC, Writer

“I loved teaching classes at Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center. The space is pristine, nicely decorated and filled with beautiful energy. The people who came to the classes were fabulous - dedicated, serious about their own wellness, and a lot of fun! I've gotten numerous private clients through teaching my classes there, and JoAnn is a delight to work with as well.”RF,EFT Practitioner

“I had a recent experience that was plugging into a lot of emotions from my past. I had one reiki session with JoAnn and it helped me to "let go" so I could function in my day to day life without crying throughout the day. I had been to talk therapy many times before and I felt the relief I got was equivalent to six to eight sessions of talk therapy...all in one reiki session! I returned three weeks later to JoAnn thinking I would just go for a "tune up" and was floored when the second reiki session was even more powerful than the first. Not only did I get back to functioning and being present but I was also able to really dig up and let go of my past hurts that I had been carrying around for over twenty years! I went on for a third session and feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I truly am happier and feel tremendously less stressed as a result of these reiki sessions. I will forever be thankful to JoAnn for helping me. It's as if I am starting anew. It feels great!” LS, Health & Wellness Director

“The Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center is a local gem! The Center offers a multitude of holistic healing services by exceptionally compassionate and experienced professionals. My entire family has participated in the classes and has also received various treatments at The Center. It has been a “life changing” experience for us all.” CH, Teacher

“It is rewarding to have a safe and nurturing environment to learn, share and grow. JoAnn and so many others go out of their way to maintain high standards while offering affordable and accessible healing programs. So glad to have connected in this way.” DM, Musician

“Opening your soul and heart to the joys of healing is the greatest gift on earth. All the wonderous practitioners and the unique gifts they bring is an experience you should not miss.” CHB, Educator, Administrator

“Teaching at Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center and receiving healing sessions there has been a wonderful and relaxing experience. Everything is clean, organized, warm and inviting. The experience is uplifting and positive each time I am there. It is a blessing to have this space to gather with like-minded people for healing and spiritual connection.” DP, Adjunct College Professor & Spiritual Teacher


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