New Testimonials

Deana and JoAnn, What a great Spirit Guides Workshop this afternoon. From the guided meditations to the attunement finale - wow! You are a powerful duo! Thanks for helping us all rise higher and get the help we need along the way.-C.H., Teacher

“What is truly unique about the Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center is the various complimentary approaches to healing. While each practitioner’s area of expertise is somewhat different, the true healing power of my experience was in their multidimensional team approach tailored to my specific needs. This has been life changing for me. I am eternally grateful to all for their compassion, kindness and results - Brenda’s IET, Deana’s Soul Retrieval, Jann’s Zero Balancing, JoAnn’s Reiki/Cell Memory and Stacy’s EMDR sessions.”-C.H., Teacher

“At JoAnn’s Reiki Share in March 2017, JoAnn and the Reiki Share members ‘unlocked’ my back!  For the last several years, the soft tissue surrounding the thoracic vertebrae in the middle of my back was ‘locked up’, causing me pain and a lack of mobility in my entire back, shoulders and neck.  I had been going to a chiropractor for over a year, and even though my chiropractor is excellent, she was unable to unlock the middle of my back.  JoAnn recognized that while the problem with my back was manifesting on the physical level, the root of the problem was on the mental level.  So she used Reiki, along with an Integrated Energy Therapy® technique, to pull the locked energy out of my back.  Voila!  My back has been unlocked ever since, and my chiropractor is amazed at how much better my back is.  All of the kudos for this miraculous result go to JoAnn and her Reiki Share.  Thanks, JoAnn!”  JS, Data Analyst

“I have been struggling with chronic back issues due to an injury I suffered over 2 years ago. I have received lots of physical therapy, but nothing made me feel as realigned as my session with JoAnn. After her working on my lower back I felt pain-free and energized, more than any time since my injury. Thank you dear, so much!!” YM, Therapist

“I must tell you that the Reiki session last week was life changing for me. Firstly, my back pain has lessened significantly. Secondly, I have more energy, and feel lightened emotionally. Now, if thoughts of my son come up (which they do often), I feel that things are going to be OK, instead of worrying. I feel that working with Mother Mary has been very healing for me. Thank you so much for your healing work!” NB Teacher

“I just wanted to say thank you for an uplifting and relaxing learning experience in your Reiki I class. After my attunement, I felt/saw a warm blanket was wrapped around me. It was such a comforting experience. I had a nice, deep sleep the night of the class too. It was a pleasure meeting you.” DK

“Words can’t describe my gratitude for the class yesterday! It was magical and I could not have asked for a better group of amazing ladies! And you are an amazing teacher and Reiki Master!”

“My deepest gratitude for a beautiful Reiki session which gave me so much
valuable information and confirmations. I love your insights and feel restored. I am fascinated by your ability to feel things.” LF Reiki Master & Intuitive

“I feel so blessed and privileged to have met you. It’s not a coincidence that of all the Reiki teachers in the world, I found you! Thank you for all of your guidance and teachings through this process. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be at a class like I was today. Like the Tarot Card, The Heirophant, when the student is ready, the teacher appears, I just did not know I was ready!” MD, Teacher

“Master JoAnn Duncan has a bounty of gifts, including but not limited to her foresight, positive energy, glowing accountability, professionalism, and accuracy. I was privileged to attain my Reiki Level II certification recently through one of her weekend workshops. I appreciate Master JoAnn's grace and joyful personality. I will continue on my path learning more healing modalities with her.” BB, Intuitive Coach

“No one deserves success more than you. Not only did you try everything in your power to save your own marriage, you maintained your decency and dignity throughout, you DID all the enormously hard work to grow yourself, but the truly extraordinary, remarkable part is how many, many people you have managed to help heal along the way. Sometimes I swear I see the outline of your wings!” JM, Liaison/Advocate

“You have had so many important "turning points" in your own journey that I can’t help but think that this is a real landmark for you – a moment to savor the process of coming into your own as a healer and wise woman, a mother to your sons, and a mentor and teacher to so many others. I can only imagine that you are a role model and inspiration to many women who are also on the path of growth and healing, and I just want you to know that I salute you, and celebrate your new venture with you from afar. Blessings, my friend, and I wish you much success in this new chapter!” BG Clergy/Reiki Master

“I want to thank you for the wonderful reiki session today, which helped me tremendously. For the first time in weeks, I finally feel like I have some perspective on my emotional health, and the anxiety I’ve been experiencing feels so much less right now. Your intuition and guidance on so many things were right on, enabling me to see the whole picture and understand what is necessary for me to heal and move forward. I feel such a sense of peace and renewed resolve after our session.” CF, Retired

“I had a recent experience that was plugging Into a lot of emotions from my past. I had one reiki session with JoAnn and it helped me to "let go" so I could function in my day to day life without crying throughout the day. I had been to talk therapy many times before and I felt the relief I got was equivalent to six to eight sessions of talk therapy...all in one reiki session! I returned three weeks later to JoAnn thinking I would just go for a "tune up" and was floored when the second reiki session was even more powerful than the first. Not only did I get back to functioning and being present but I was also able to really dig up and let go of my past hurts that I had been carrying around for over twenty years! I went on for a third session and feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.  I truly am happier and feel tremendously less stressed as a result of these reiki sessions. I will forever be thankful to JoAnn for helping me. It's as if I am starting anew. It feels great!” L.S.

“JoAnn Inserra Duncan's Reiki level I class is a life changing experience not to be missed out on. She gives you the foundation and basic skills to practice this profound healing technique. It has been a joy and a privilege to learn from such a knowledgeable teacher and I look forward to taking further classes.” CAH, Retired Teacher

“Amazing is the word I think of to describe JoAnn Inserra Duncan. I was recommended to her by Anna Raimondi.......need I say more? JoAnn is a gifted and compassionate healer. I have had several Reiki sessions with her and am releasing what no longer serves me layer by layer. I was intrigued enough to sign up for the Reiki Level 1 Class. It was by far, the most moving experience I have ever had.” MD, Teacher

“Help in recovery from TOXIC family trauma is offered at Turning Point Reiki. With help & guidance from above, JoAnn skillfully attunes herself to the messages and energy sent from the angels and guides to heal the layers of our being that have been assaulted by harsh negative emotions, actions and behaviors. She is the reason I am starting to heal and Turning Point Reiki is exactly what is promised. JoAnn’s energy is divinely guided and I have healed more in the last year working with JoAnn than in the last 9 years, that is something to say.” CB, College Administrator

“I want to express my gratitude for everything surrounding my Reiki Level I class including sharing with us the keys to Reiki with such clarity and ease. Although I left in a hurry, I left with a confidence that I knew how to use the energy to heal myself and, in time, others. You are a wonderful teacher. Very often, when discussing spiritual practices with the few mentors I've come to know, they tend to get their ideas all jumbled up. This work is very difficult to explain gracefully, but you have such a mastery of it. I've started a journal to record my daily Reiki practices and three things I'm grateful for, and yesterday you came up very quickly. "I'm grateful for JoAnn Inserra Duncan, because she opened my eyes to the power of Reiki, and did so with ceaseless generosity.” I intend to continue down this path as a Reiki practitioner, hopefully to become a master one day. I hope that I continue to learn and grow under JoAnn’s guidance.” ~SM, Student

“Thank you for creating a safe environment at Reiki Shares, to give and receive messages. It has helped me to be more aware of messages from Spirit, but more importantly to be more comfortable sharing them with others when prompted to. I really am so grateful for you being in my life and for the work that you do.”
~NK Massage Therapist

“I woke up this morning, after the Reiki Level II class yesterday, and everything was different. I was calm, at peace and had an inner sense that all is good. I have an awareness that I did not have before, it’s almost an urgency to share my gift of beautiful energy. I used the CHO KU REI symbol in my cubicle and there is such goodness I can’t quite explain it. I thank you for yesterday, it was an incredible day. A colleague told me this morning that there was something different about me, she could see I was not stressed and radiated inner peace. I feel so wonderful that I never ever want to go back to the stressful, ungrounded mess that I was. I see the light and I see there was a reason you and I have come together.” ~JG, Scientist, Case Mgr

“I have been thinking a lot about you and some really interesting things have happened in my life that you received messages about in our sessions. I started to let things go. I had physical traumas in areas you said that I was working my body too hard. I was placing my emotional pain into all of this physical activity and finally I could not do it anymore, doctor’s orders. I tried to forgive and be at peace with things. I know you said that my heart chakra was blocked - and it was because of un-forgiveness. At that time I told you I don't think I could ever get over that. It was just too hard. However, my middle sister reached out to me a few months ago and we have reconciled. I was able write a letter to my younger sister saying no matter what had transpired between us (for which I was very sorry) that this was more important. That's it. I did it. It's like a huge weight was lifted and I can't explain it - but I feel calm. So, thank you JoAnn, even if it took me almost 9 months to do what you suggested to help me on my healing journey. Thank you.” ~SB, Medical Specialist

“When I was in the states visiting, the sessions of Reiki healing I had with JoAnn have resulted in my voice being free to speak with clarity and mental freedom. Such a relief when I want to express myself and find I have the flow of my words to do so. As well, JoAnn has helped me by being the catalyst for me to trust the path I am on to becoming a healer and I pray to always remain open to being informed and directed by spiritual guidance.” -SH, Homemaker, Australia

"I believe that Reiki is a different experience for everyone. I took all my class levels with JoAnn and attended numerous Reiki shares. One of the best things about all the time spent with her was that I could always feel safe and able to share without judgment. I was also able to bring other metaphysical ideas into discussions and they were always welcome." -MS, Website Designer, Reiki Master

“Thank you so much for guiding me into Reiki I. I thought the Reiki Level I class was simply beautiful. I think you do a wonderful job as a teacher and I look forward to seeing you in the future and taking Reiki Level II.” -KC, Director of Registration and Student Financials

“JoAnn is not only a great teacher but a gifted healer. I had exhausted all modern medicine avenues only to find that JoAnn could help me resolve my physical/emotional pain almost immediately. What may have taken years for doctors and therapists to heal she did quickly and effectively and most importantly respectfully!!! On top of that she also gave me the tools with the Reiki training to help me to learn to heal myself. A tool that all beings need to learn and know. I cannot recommend her enough to people who need healing.”. -DD, Antiques and Consignment Store Owner

“I am really enjoying the Reiki shares - they have been helping me on so many levels. Thanks so much for all that you do - I am so grateful to have a teacher like you!” -LR, Hospital Administrator

“The Reconnective Healing was a powerful experience with remarkable results” -PS, Homemaker

"JoAnn is a highly intuitive energy healer. As both a student and client of hers I have experienced the amazing power of Reiki." -EP, Caregiver, Home Aide

“I had the privilege of attending both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with JoAnn, she's very patient, caring and very knowledgeable, I would not have it any other way. I can't wait to become a Master Reiki Practitioner under her tutelage. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone in need of Teaching or Healing.”-JP, Green Home Services

“JoAnn Inserra Duncan’s special talents and knowledge render her an intuitive healer and a treasure to us all.” -MW, Sales & Marketing

“Since you did Reiki on Duchess (our scared, shy rescue cat), she has been noticeably transformed to becoming more affectionate and comfortable to be with. She is much calmer. She and the other cats are still figuring things out, but she seems more centered in herself.” -JC, Architect & JL, Owner, Manager

“JoAnn helped me when no one else seemed able to. I had given up on traditional physicians. Her incredible sensitivity and safe atmosphere helped to heal emotional and physical pain from PTSD. Thank God I stumbled upon her. My sessions with her have been life changing and have helped me assimilate both emotional and physical healing. I recommend her to anyone wanting relief and an understanding of things unknown.” -DD, homemaker
 “I have lived with chronic pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia for years. Because of my Reiki sessions with JoAnn, I can turn my neck almost to my shoulders. I cannot remember when I could turn that easily to the right. It boggles my mind, and yet makes perfect sense to me, how getting rid of old emotional traumas that were stuck in my neck could release my muscles. Thank you, JoAnn.” -EP, Retail sales

 “At the time I went to my first session with JoAnn, I was in severe pain and in constant exhaustion due to Fibromyalgia and I was clinically depressed. I was taking antidepressants and pain killers on a daily basis. After the first session, I started to have more energy.  Eventually, I was able to stop taking the anti-depressants and the pain killers. I still see JoAnn occasionally for a session and I even took Reiki Level I and II with her so I can do it for myself and my family. It has been two years since my first Reiki session with JoAnn and I still feel “Fibromyalgia” free.”
-TN, Admin assistant

“During my second pregnancy I got what the doctor called ‘superficial hematoma’ in the varicose veins in my right leg. This is scabbing on the inside of the veins and was like having rocks under my skin - very painful. I had a wonderful Reiki session with JoAnn in which she focused specifically on the scabbed area and I had an amazing healing experience. Today – the scabs are gone – no more ‘rocks’ and I am pain free! I know this is a direct result of the Reiki. Thank you so much JoAnn!!”-EK, Office Manager & Reiki Master

“I truly believe that without my Reiki sessions with JoAnn Inserra Duncan, I could not have survived the chemotherapy and done as well battling cancer as I have. I believe in universal energy and know instinctively and physically that Reiki works.”
-GE, Editor

“JoAnn provides a safe, professional and caring atmosphere for her Reiki Sessions. JoAnn has the unique gift of getting to the “core” of an issue whether it is something physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. She helped me clear blockages from early childhood and issues in my relationships that I never discussed with anyone. And she does this with insight, grace and a deep spiritual connection.”-DP, Massage Therapist

“JoAnn is a highly gifted Reiki Master and teacher. I feel fortunate to have taken all my Reiki training from her, and I continue to deepen my practice through her Reiki shares. As a practitioner, JoAnn is unsurpassed.” -LL, Health & Wellness Counselor

“Reiki, offered by JoAnn Inserra Duncan, has facilitated relaxation and healing in ways nothing else I’ve tried has. JoAnn’s intuitive approach to healing is effective and compassionate. I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in reaching new heights in healing.” -MB, High School Math Teacher

“After a session of Reiki with JoAnn Inserra Duncan, I leave feeling grounded, relaxed but energized and confident. I have learned so much, especially to trust my own intuition and to pay attention to my body and its energy in ways I never knew of before.”
-BP, Writer, Homemaker

“The sessions and Reiki Level I class have led me to a more spiritual path than I thought I’d ever be on! I have total confidence now that it’s not a “church community” that I need to continue developing as a spiritual person. Reiki speaks not only to my soul, but also to my physical and emotional being as well.” -BP, Writer, Homemaker

“Reiki classes have given me a wonderful tool for healing that I use every day for myself, family and friends.” -IT, LaLeche League Leader

“As a Health and Wellness Counselor, I teach a variety of mind/body skills which empower my clients to better care for themselves. In my own personal care, I use Reiki more than anything else for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Not only is it highly useful on a purely practical level, but it has allowed me to grow emotionally and spiritually by leaps and bounds. I can think of nothing else that is as useful, easy and empowering as Reiki.” -LL, Health & Wellness Counselor

“Reiki with JoAnn has taught me to be less stressful and a more relaxed person.”
-SA, Homemaker

“JoAnn’s teaching of Reiki has opened my mind and my heart to a life long way of healing. I am forever grateful for these eternal gifts.” -MB, High School Math Teacher

“Reiki is awesome. I love being able to share Reiki with my husband and son. I know it helps our overall well being. I took all 3 levels with JoAnn and loved her classes. I have benefited tremendously from my Reiki experience and continue to practice on myself, friends and family. It’s a wonderful tool for keeping us healthy and happy. I highly recommend it!” -EK, Office Manager, Reiki Master

“JoAnn Inserra Duncan is a wise and sensitive healer in whose hands Reiki is a powerful tool for physical, spiritual and emotional healing.” -BG, College Professor, Bereavement Counselor

“While going through a heavy metals detox program, Reiki helped me feel comfortable in my own skin.” -CD, Landscape Gardener

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing JoAnn Inserra Duncan’s individual Reiki sessions for a few years. JoAnn has a wonderful intuition and a gift of healing. Her work is sensitive and deep. I always feel like a new person at the end of a session with JoAnn; peaceful and balanced. Her suggestions at the end of the session help continue the healing and self care and sustain me for a long time.” -FE, Kripalu Yoga Instructor

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where
there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson





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