Benefits of Reiki

Reiki promotes a state of total relaxation and is an extremely pleasant, holistic method of energy healing. Reiki helps to release energy blockages and increase energy flow in the body. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive. The energy flows in the quantities necessary for the recipient and is always positive. It only brings to light what the recipient can handle, never more.

About Our Team

Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center is a central resource for healthy living and wellness in Ridgefield, CT dedicated to integrating conventional medicine, cutting edge alternative modalities and ancient healing wisdom to achieve optimum wellness for the body, mind and spirit.

JoAnn Inserra, MS, RMT

JoAnn uses intuition, experience and a deep spiritual connection in her Reiki, IET® and Reconnective Healing ® sessions. She finds it very rewarding to help clients heal core issues by applying advanced techniques that help heal the cellular memory.Learn More about JoAnn Inserra, MS, RMT

Stacey Decea, CSW

Stacey is an evidential psychic medium who is able to bring forth recognizable evidence and messages that your loved ones, in spirit, are truly communicating with you. Her readings allow her to help people in a deep and meaningful way. Learn More about Stacey Decea, CSW

Lisa M. LaRosa, Ph. D

Dr. Lisa LaRosa is a licensed psychologist, social worker and a therapist specializing in trauma for over 30 years. Because science shows that stress and trauma are stored in the body, her practice has expanded to incorporate healing touch modalities into treatment. Learn More about Lisa LaRosa

Deana Paqua, MA, LMT

Deana is a teacher and practitioner of Cross-Cultural Energy Medicine and Contemporary Shamanism who provides classes, training and healing sessions for empowerment, growth, and trauma transformation to holistic-minded spiritual seekers and the energy sensitive. Learn More about Deana Paqua, MA, LMT

Diane Nicosia

Diane is a certified life coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and an ordained minister in the order of Melchizidek who takes a grounded, step-by-step approach, combining practices like meditation and energy work with practical, real-life solutions.Learn More about Diane Nicosia

To learn more about Reiki, watch a short video by Reiki Master Teacher JoAnn Inserra

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Reviews & Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about the Turning Point Experience. View testimonials for JoAnn and her sessions and classes or for the Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center.

  • "JoAnn is amazing. I started Reiki sessions with her last year and I have had so many positive changes after each session. I could have never imagined how her energy healing techniques would change my life. I’ve had so many spiritual breakthroughs that followed each session as well as deep physical relaxation and improved sleep. Her sessions have also helped me develop better stress management tools to utilize on my own in between sessions. I highly recommend her Reiki sessions." - Amy
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    "JoAnn's Reiki sessions have become an integral part of my self-care routine. The experience is so welcoming and serene, and I always leave with a deep sense of calm and peace. Her insights during our sessions have also been invaluable in my spiritual life journey. One session in particular for Cell Memory Technique was life changing. It allowed me to release an inner fear that was intertwined in my life for as long as I could remember but I never understood its source to heal it. After that session I felt like the weight of the world was released. Everything I experienced after was clearer and more vivid. I could move forward in life with a sense of strength and peace that had always eluded me in the past. After each Reiki session, I feel I've elevated to another level of understanding and inner knowing, while feeling deeply connected and rooted. The impacts last far beyond the sessions themselves and she offers words of wisdom and tools to help you achieve similar positive experiences on your own. The experience is truly a merging of the mind, body and spirit, a window into our true whole being and a reminder of how to create alignment in a world that often feels deeply disconnected. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing physical or emotional pain or even just someone struggling to maintain balance within everyday life, to schedule a Reiki session with JoAnn or join the monthly writing mini retreats to connect with other like-minded souls for a fun, positive sharing session where we learn about others and ourselves." A.G., Finance Manager
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    Deana and JoAnn, What a great Spirit Guides Workshop this afternoon. From the guided meditations to the attunement finale - wow! You are a powerful duo! Thanks for helping us all rise higher and get the help we need along the way.” -C.H., Teacher
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    “JoAnn, I’ve been thinking of you and want to thank you for your courage, compassion and integrity as a practitioner. The healing support and information you shared with me during our sessions began what has been a deep dive into awakening and now ever expanding awareness of knowing Who I Really Am. Your caution for protection and discernment in working with other practitioners and what situations and settings may not be best for me was invaluable information that I was not always able to integrate at the time. However, in recent weeks in particular, it has come to light how imperative these principles really are and I am now on a Peaceful Warrior path to becoming a truly sovereign being. I am forever grateful to have met you and for the path it set me on there after.”
    Holistic Health Coach
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    “At JoAnn’s Reiki Share in March 2017, JoAnn and the Reiki Share members ‘unlocked’ my back!  For the last several years, the soft tissue surrounding the thoracic vertebrae in the middle of my back was ‘locked up’, causing me pain and a lack of mobility in my entire back, shoulders and neck.  I had been going to a chiropractor for over a year, and even though my chiropractor is excellent, she was unable to unlock the middle of my back.  JoAnn recognized that while the problem with my back was manifesting on the physical level, the root of the problem was on the mental level.  So she used Reiki, along with an Integrated Energy Therapy® technique, to pull the locked energy out of my back.  Voila!  My back has been unlocked ever since, and my chiropractor is amazed at how much better my back is.  All of the kudos for this miraculous result go to JoAnn and her Reiki Share.  Thanks, JoAnn!”
    Data Analyst
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    “I have been struggling with chronic back issues due to an injury I suffered over 2 years ago. I have received lots of physical therapy, but nothing made me feel as realigned as my session with JoAnn. After her working on my lower back I felt pain-free and energized, more than any time since my injury. Thank you dear, so much!!”